Delphineous Silverwing has been a student and practitioner of witchcraft for two decades, studying modern Paganism and hereditary witchcraft with sources as old as the 19th Century.

He has had psychic experiences for 30 years and continually works to improve this instinctual ability.

Ordained - Orderae Occultis - January 11, 2004
Ordained - Universal Life Church - September 12, 2017

Independent Study and Formal Training
Reiki First Degree - June 2, 2003
Reiki Second Degree - August 7, 2004
Reiki Third Degree - May 22, 2016
Temple of Witchcraft First Degree - September 22, 2017
Temple of Witchcraft Second Degree - March 8, 2019

Welcome Saphire

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Delphineous and Kaliyah are proud to announce that daughter, Saphire, has joined the team and will be contributing to our story and resources. She enjoys writing stories and has started her own discovery and beliefs in Wicca. Saphire began her initiation studies soon before her thirteenth birthday in 2006 and was officially initiated into the Silverwing Family Coven several months […]

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