Astronomical Events

Based on data from NASA1Sky Events Calendar by Fred Espenak and Sumit Dutta (NASA’s GSFC), the following astronomical event calendar is shown for the Eastern Time Zone (EST), including compensation for Daylight Savings (EDT) where applicable. Please adjust times according to your location.

Full Moon

YearDateTime (EST/EDT)Phase
2020June 53:12 PMFull
2020June 212:41 AMNew
2020July 512:44 AMFull
2020July 201:33 PMNew
2020August 311:59 AMFull
2020August 1810:41 PMNew
2020September 21:22 AMFull
2020September 177:00 AMNew
2020October 15:05 PMFull
2020October 161:31 PMNew
2020October 3110:49 AMFull
2020November 1512:07 AMNew
2020November 304:30 AMFull
2020December 1411:16 AMNew
2020December 2910:28 PMFull
2021January 1312:00 AMNew
2021January 282:16 PMFull
2021February 112:05 PMNew
2021February 273:17 AMFull
2021March 135:21 AMNew
2021March 282:48 PMFull
2021April 1110:31 PMNew
2021April 2611:31 PMFull
2021May 112:59 PMNew
2021May 267:13 PMFull
2021June 106:52 AMNew
2021June 242:39 PMFull


YearDateNameTime (EST/EDT) 
2020June 20Summer Solstice5:43 PM
2020August 1Lammas
2020September 22Autumnal Equinox (Mabon)9:31 AM
2020October 31Samhain
2020December 21Winter Solstice (Yule)5:02 AM
2021February 2Imbolc
2021March 20Vernal Equinox (Ostara)5:37 AM
2021May 1Beltane
2021June 20Summer Solstice11:32 PM
2021August 1Lammas
2021September 22Autumnal Equinox (Mabon)3:21 PM
2021October 31Samhain
2021December 21Winter Solstice (Yule)10:59 AM

Meteors and Eclipses

YearDateEventTime (EST/EDT) 
2020June 21Annular Solar Eclipse2:40 AM
2020July 5Partial Lunar Eclipse12:30 AM
2020July 27Delta Aquarid Shower5:08 PM
2020August 12Perseid Shower9:02 AM
2020October 21Orionid Shower1:21 AM
2020November 5South Taurid Shower12:50 AM
2020November 12North Taurid Shower12:06 AM
2020November 17Leonid Shower6:24 AM
2020November 30Partial Lunar Eclipse04:44 AM
2020December 13Geminid Shower7:35 PM
2020December 14Total Solar Eclipse11:15 AM
2020December 22Ursid Shower4:00 AM
2021January 3Quadrantid Shower9:47 AM
2021April 22Lyrid Shower8:16 AM
2021May 4Eta Aquarid Shower9:30 PM
2021May 26Total Lunar Eclipse7:19 AM

These tables will be updated as time moves forward.


1 Sky Events Calendar by Fred Espenak and Sumit Dutta (NASA’s GSFC)