Embroidered Wicca

Embellish with Thread

Experiences in the realm of magick are personal and it is often helpful for magicians to express themselves in their practice. An excellent way to express oneself is to embroider inspiring and magickal images, symbols and patterns on ritual wear and tools. Altar cloths, cloaks and other materials are perfect to embellish with thread.

Green Man Mask from embroidered leaves
Green Man Mask

Kaliyah used several different styles of embroidered leaves to create this Green Man mask. Each leaf is free-standing rather than cut fabric.

  1. Start with a mask form, preferably molded in green color, otherwise paint with a compatible paint.
  2. Hand sew tacking stitches through the embroidered leaves securing them to the mask. Glue may be used in some applications, however the leaves may come off over time.
  3. Feed green silk ribbons through the strap holes for use in hanging and decoration.
  • Knots were tied at the strap holes to prevent sliding and Embroidered eyes were added to complete it as a wall hanging.

Tarot Bag with Embroidered Moon
Tarot Bag

Tarot cards stored in a cotton or silk bag helps to protect the deck. Include an inspiring or protective embroidery design on the bag to personalize the magickal tool.

Shown here is a navy silk bag with the moon as the featured embellishment.

If any other objects are also stored in the bag, be careful of compatibility with the cards. For instance, incense sticks are usually treated with oils that may stain the cards or bag.

Embroidered Sun Cloak

Delphineous’ Sun Costume cloak features a large Sun embroidered on the back just below where the hood hangs when down.

Adorning ceremonial robes can help empower the practitioner or show rank in a group. When done in a symmetrical or elegant fashion, embroidery embellishments can bring formality.

Altar Cloths

We are in the process of designing a new altar cloth that we will embellish with thread. The difficulty with embroidery being on a table top is that the design can interfere with the placement of objects. First off, you might not want to cover up the design if it is essential to the power of your altar or ritual. From a safety perspective, the raised effect from the thread in the embroidery could cause objects, like candles and vessels, to be unstable as a result.

Embellishing along the edges, particularly in the corners of a square altar cloth can be adorned not just thread, but other products like small gems, feathers and ribbons. Due to the weight of some objects, it is important to manage the edge decorations if it will hang off the altar surface.

Where to Get It

Many stock embroidery designs are available from online stores, allowing you to embellish with thread. Pagan designs can be found at Art of Embroidery – including Chakra, Astrology and other Magickal designs.

If you do not have an embroidery machine, basic consumer machines start at just a few hundred dollars. Many local embroidery shops will gladly put designs on garments for you at the current market prices. Art of Embroidery is run by our family, so you know your ceremonial and casual products are in safe hands. Ship your garment to us for embroidering or request a new garment be shipped to you.

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