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During the Corona Virus Pandemic, we were literally burning through our stock of healing candles. I had made a batch of eight 6-inch (about 15cm) healing candles. Each candle, using our candle recipe, would burn for about 12 hours so we were burning a candle each day. Ignoring the cost of the candles, I only have one eight-candle mold so I would have to make candles every week to keep up. I enjoy candle making but it can be time consuming, especially if something goes wrong. There was one batch of healing candles I made where I must have poured too quickly because half of the candles had a huge air bubble in the center. I’m talking a bubble that went all the way across the candle so that when I removed the candles from the mold they were split into halves. Several hours of work gave me only four usable candles.

One day, before the quarantine had started, I was in an antique store and saw a display of oil lamps. Inspiration hit and I started planning a healing oil lamp. The lamp that gave me the idea was a beautiful blue and I was really tempted to buy that one, but it was out of my budget. So an internet search ensued and I found a lovely emerald green lamp with black metal detailing that uses a half-inch (12mm) flat wick. Green is healing which made this lamp perfect for my intention.

After purchasing the green oil lamp I brought it home and cleaned it up, both physically and magickally. I cleaned the glass, dusted then lightly oiled the metal parts to discourage rust and loaded it with new wick. I had healing herb mix left over from the last healing candle batch, so after getting a bottle of liquid paraffin lamp oil we were ready to proceed. Normally, we try to reduce the use of petroleum and would opt for a vegetable based oil. Reviews on the wick said it did not work as well with vegetable oils so we decided liquid paraffin oil was the way to go for now to ensure the lamp would burn well. Later, when the pandemic is over, we will test out other oils to see if we can switch to a plant-based oil.

Empowering the Healing Oil Lamp

I calculated the hour of Venus on the day of the Sun to determine the best time to blend the herbs and create the healing oil lamp. Intention is based on the moon phase – Waxing Moon to Bring Health or Waning Moon to Banish Illness.

Healthy Sigil

When the time came to consecrate and empower the lamp for healing we did so within a protective circle asking Venus to assist with a healing boost. The lamp was cleansed with smoke inside and out, then empowered for healing.

We designed a healing sigil and inscribed it onto a disc that we cut from a branch of my favorite Weeping Willow after it was felled in a strong storm. The sigil was then tied on the base of the lamp to remain permanently. Additional sigil disks will be created for individuals to be tied on and removed as they need healing. For now, we have also added a sigil to encompass all our family and friends for healing and protection during the pandemic.

Friends and Family Sigil

A blend of powdered herb containing Angelica, Dragon’s Blood, White Willow, Vervain and Mistletoe, along with a chip of Smokey Quartz and one of obsidian were placed in the lamp. Liquid paraffin lamp oil was added and allowed to soak for several minutes. After letting the herbs infuse into the oil and giving the wick time to absorb the oil, the lamp was lit.

The circle was released, with thanks to all who assisted.

Now, the lamp gets lit every day and extinguished each night before we go to bed to send healing out to help ease this pandemic, even if only in a small way.

Make Your Own Healing Oil Lamp

Good places to look for oil lamps would be flea markets, thrift stores, and yard sales especially in rural areas. If you want a brand new lamp try stores like Tractor Supply and independent hardware stores, again especially in rural areas. And don’t discount online searches like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace.

If you like the idea of using a healing oil lamp, instead of healing candles, consider what we have done to make ours. Here are the basic steps – and remember that pure and true intent is the key to success.

  1. Cleanse your oil lamp physically.
    Make sure there are no foreign materials or chemicals.
  2. Magickally cleanse your oil lamp, inside and out.
    Use your preferred method, like white sage smoke or florida water for example.
  3. Make sure the oil lamp is dry after cleansing.
  4. Create a symbol of healing onto a tag, or even a decal, and attach to the base of the oil lamp.
    Symbols can be drawn directly onto the base with paint or other working method, if you desire.
    Make sure that these are a safe distance from the burning chamber.
  5. Mix your healing herbs and put a couple teaspoons into the holding tank of the oil lamp.
  6. Adding a couple small smoky or rose quartz chips, or other healing stones, will boost the healing power.
  7. Pour in the liquid paraffin oil, or a flammable plant-oil that you prefer, into the holding tank with the herbs.
  8. With the wick inserted, install the burning chamber onto the tank.
  9. Wait several minutes – allowing the herbs to start infusing the oil and the oil to feed into wick.
  10. Light the lamp.
    Set the wick height so that the flame is about half-inch (12mm) or lower. The goal is a clean burn, without burning the fuel too quickly.

Oils to Use

Obviously, it is important to use a flammable oil. Thick oils will not feed through the wick properly and may not burn cleanly. Some plant-based oils will become rancid in storage.

At this time, we are using highly purified liquid paraffin oil. It burns cleanly, even with the herbs infusing it. Lower grade lamp oils may produce more soot and carbon monoxide when burning.

Internet research suggests that olive oil is the cleanest burning plant-based oil, but its viscosity can make it difficult to wick. We haven’t tried it as of the writing of this article. We’ll update the article after testing at a later time.

Tiki torch fuel should not be used. It smokes when burned and is for outdoor use only.

Refilling the Healing Oil Lamp

Refill the tank when it becomes about half-empty, or more frequently if you wish. Burning too much oil before refilling will thin out the herbal infusion. Plus, it is important for the flow of the oil into the wick to not burn it too low. We refill in the morning before lighting the lamp, to prevent accidental injury from hot parts.

Refresh the Herbs

There is no set period for refreshing the herbs, but with heavy use they should be replaced more frequently. With our daily burning, we are replacing the herbs every three to four weeks – again within the hour of venus, on the day of the sun.

If using a plant-based oil, the spent herbs can be added to your garden or compost. If using a petroleum-based oil, then the spent herbs should be put in the trash after allowing to dry, or you can burn them in a fire-safe vessel, outdoors.

Share the Healing

This one-minute video was recorded in our backyard at the full moon of April 7, 2020. The water and wind chimes you hear in the video are real, right there in our garden. May you, your family, and your friends be healthy!

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