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I had a new experience quite recently, one I thought i should share.

I was with a group of friends, playing dungeon and dragons at Nova’s house. She recently discovered her house is actually haunted. Which didn’t bother her, all of the ghosts were friendly. But what did alarm her and her fiance, was what appeared in her bathroom. On one morning when the weather was just right, their bathroom window fogged up, normal. Until a hand print appeared. Not just any, but a huge deformed one with 6 fingers and a thumb.

But since nothing had happened and they hadn’t felt anything wrong, off, or evil, they moved on. so to speak.

But clearly it hadn’t.

So here we are, hanging out, laughing as our party role plays fighting a vampire lord, when my wings started fluttering.  And I feel something standing in the kitchen behind me, something that slowly started moving into the room and stood between Lynn and I. Unbeknownst to me, Kay, a 12 year old empath who sees far more than she wants to, is watching it, this whole time. Nova and Lynn however noticed her watching something intently.  Cara and her fiance , Marcus, are sitting across from me, Alec next to me, and our Dungon master, Caleb, Nova’s Fiance, is moving around the table.

“What are you watching?” Lynn asked, poking her daughter.

“I don’t know.”

“Is it the thing I feel?” She pressed.

“I don’t know.” Kay answered, rubbing her eyes, her eyes very red. As she and mother go back and forth for a bit, Lynn wanting to know what it looked like and Kay giving her mother the same noncommittal answer.

“Kay, you can tell us. We are all witches here. What does it look like? Can you describe it?” Nova asked as Kay’s faced starts to puff up and turn red.

“It looks like a humanoid blur. And blue. And big.”  Kay finally answered.

“IT feels really hot.  Like Saphire hot. Her magic feels very hot. You should have felt it when we went to meditation together, I swear I felt like that side of me was cooking. Her power is hot. But it’s over her and she is there.” Lynn stated. I can feel my wings flutter. Almost like a nervous flutter. And then the chills started, running down my spine. I said nothing at first. It was just like when Kay’s guardian Isobelle growled at me.  I figured that Isobelle was just being protective. I  mean, Kay was clearly reacting to being that was standing between Lynn and I. Of course, Isobelle is the the least of the concern to the being.

Nova is very protective, and can be very aggressive. So seeing as Kay is in distress, and when I violently shiver from the chills, and my wings hit a point they are freaking out, Nova decides she has had enough and gets up and grabs a stone off the dining room mini altar.

“Alright!  Here’s the deal! Either leave them alone and leave, or get in the stone!” Nova commands in her demanding voice, holding up the stone. As yet another violent shiver takes me, I draw the conclusion it’s not Isobelle.

“KAy, where is Isobelle?” Lynn asked.

“She stay’s at Liz’s.” Kay answered. Course all I can think is great, it’s this creature doing this to me.

” Get in the stone or I will eat you!” Nova shouts. I of course can only laugh at this. I always do.

AS the men decide it’s time for a smoke break, Nova grabs Cara and heads up stairs as I deal with the shivers and Lynn tries to get Kay to stop rubbing her eyes and irritating them further when I suddenly hear a bell ringing and smell sage. Nova waltz into the room with a bowl with burning sage while ringing a bell, and Cara is spritzing water every where. Nova hands me the sage and tells me help smudge. And we move into the kitchen, where we can feel it hiding.

Now here is where everything gets interesting and fuzzy. And when I say interesting I mean… bad… wrong… interesting. I don’t know if you’ve read my other post about ghosts, Spirits and Ghosts, Which summons up my experience with ghosts up to that point in time. But this, took it to a whole new level with me.

As we are in the kitchen, me getting nova to relight the sage as it keeps burning out, to which we made a joke. Giving fire to water to keep lit. Even if I do feel a calling to fire and air, neither of them hold a candle to my calling to water, even together. When suddenly my wings get very tense, to the point that my own shoulder blades and muscles freeze.

Now, just in case none of you have read any of my posts and heard my reference to my wings, allow me to explain. I have a pair of metaphysical wings on the spiritual plane that  I can feel. They are a pair of faery wings. Yes, I am Fae. This actually the first thing Nova noticed about me, and how we became friends. She and Lynn were my coworkers. After about the 3 of us working together for a month, Nova looks at me at lunch and tells me that I always look like I just stepped out of the Fae realm. Of Course I laughed at her, knowing full well about my wings. And The 3 of us have been friends ever since.

But heres the thing, they are spiritual wings, so the fact that my shoulders are now tense and in serious pain, because of my wings being tense and unable to move is alarming. and just the beginning. We feels the presence grow stronger and more aggressive. And suddenly, my arms, feel like they are pinned down and I can no longer move them. and I was trying. Nova notices my distress. And I inform her of my problem. She takes the sage away from me and I move into the dining room to brace myself against my chair, shaking violently as the amount of effort it took to remove my amethyst heart from it’s place over my heart.

And I found myself in a meditative state, working on my shields, trying to shut out this entity and it’s influence.  My shields I have always seen like a bubble. just a simple bubble, but lately I’ve been feeling like those aren’t my full shields, and after talking to Nova and Lynn about their shields have tried envisioning different things. It must have worked because after a little bit of swaying, of feeling the tide pull me and my soul, and hearing the waves, I can finally move again and my wings are free.

I can hear you. That’s it? That’s interesting?

It’s not over.

After a trip to the bathroom, I can still feel the entity, and can see in my mind, visions. It’s not over. Someone is going to get hurt, the attack isn’t over. When I went to tell Nova this, standing in her kitchen, the attack starts again, worse, stronger, more aggressive.  I can feel my entire world tilting on it’s axis.

“nova… Nova… watch me… in about 10 seconds… I am going that way… It’s starting again…” Nova grabbed my arm but released me to put what was in her hand down, and in those ten seconds, I fell to the right and managed to catch myself on the door frame, as Matcus goes and grabs my arm to keep me from falling to floor, I leaning heavily against it as my eyes are forced closed, my arms turn to lead and my wings feel like they are being pulled on. And it hurts. BAD.  I drop to my knees, all the strength is drained out of my body as I am forced, yes forced, into a meditative state.

I can hear, and feel everything going on around me, but nothing is truly registering, it sounds far away, as Nova is asking me what’s happening and screaming at the entity to leave me alone. I can barely tell her that I have no idea what’s really happening, but I can’t open my eyes and I am in a meditative state, a light one, or else I wouldn’t be able to talk, but in one non the less.

I tell her what I am feeling… and I’m not sure if it’s trying to communicate, which the agreement is that I am not the one it should be trying to communicate through or with, but Kay who can feel, see, and hear it without this.

But everyone gets further away as the pain gets worse, to the point I am crying out, as my wings are being pulled on, and my muscles are screaming in my back, my stomach starts twisting in painful ways, as I feel like something is clawing at it. I can barely feel Nova gently pushing on my back, trying to shield me, trying to protect me.

It actually takes me a full minute to respond when she asks if I am fighting her shields. I am fighting so hard to be conscious, not to be in this meditative state.  I determine this entity is not trying to communicate but subdue me. This entity clearly doesn’t like me. I can feel that. I inform her if I am, I am not going it on purpose. Marcus sits down next to me and takes my hand, and informs me to squeeze it as hard as I can. And I do, but I can tell it’s weak, I have no strength in my physical body, but I can feel the stone that in between our hands. I can barely hear Cara swearing, and then declaring that she can feel her gauntlets, which actually at this moment in time means nothing to me, but I can gather that, it’s not a good thing.  Lynn sits down and takes my other hand, I can feel her trying to feed me strength and energy.

I am losing. I can feel that I am losing this fight. I don’t know what’s happening, just that I am losing. I can barely hear Cara offering to trade out with Nova, who takes it. Marcus catches Cara and tells her something, something I can barely hear. He tells her he is trying to pull it out of me, and for her to push it toward him.

I somewhere in all of this, kind of surrendered a little bit to my meditative state as my thigh is suddenly on fire to the point I am gasping for breath in the midst of this pain, and suddenly, there is this energy. Strong. Clean. and Pure Rage.  I can feel Lynn in it. And I can feel Marcus pulling. I can hear myself screaming internally. In writing it would be all capital letters, italicized, bold, and enlarged. Get. the. Fuck. OUT!

And suddenly… it all fades away… it’s gone. every last bit of it. The pain, my meditative state, the lead feeling in my body, the weakness. I can hear and feel just fine, I can open my eyes.

Now of course, now that it’s over,  we look at each other and laugh. And Marcus holds up the stone and shows that the entity is now sealed inside and all is well. I go to get up. And Damn it fall right into a Charley horse, which in comparision, is very easy to deal with and laugh about.

But we all suffer from lingering side effects. Marcus and I are having problems with our right arms, my conclusion is that was the hand that we joined, the hand with the crystal that we forced it into. Everyone else had a problem with their left. the conclusion drawn being that was the mirror effect.

I however, had two scratch marks on my back that were discovered when I looked at my back, feeling a burning sensation. about an inch and a half to two inches long, barely more than breaking the skin, no blood drawn but a nice red spot that might have been a spot of blood at the top of the once scratch, on either side of my spine, angled ever so slightly to the right, about an 3 inches above my waist, about two inches beneath my bra.

With all honesty, we don’t know what it was, why it didn’t like me, or what it was doing exactly. All we knew was that this was a first.

But in the after math, we concluded that my meditative state, was actually me trying to defend myself, not the entity.

All I know for sure, is that in the whole process, i never once felt fear. alarm and concern yes, but never fear. and personally, I think that alone say a lot about who I was with. I am incredibly thankful that Marcus, Cara, and Nova were there. Lynn and I alone would not have been able to deal with this. It took the hard work of all of us to rid me of the entity.

Thank you guys for helping me.

Edit: This all happened in late March of 2016. I was a fledgling recently reopening my wings after breaking one of them in a traumatic series of events that involved locking my meta-physical self away for 3-4 years. This night was my true reawakening. According to the collection of Witches I have surrounded myself, most if not all, nights of awakening or reawakening, something Major, or interesting, occurs. And apparently this was mine.

But we also figured out why I was targeted. I am an empath, and with that comes to an extent by nature, a vampiric ability of feeding and pulling on energy, even off of people.  When I closed myself off, I turned that off completely.  And when I turned back on, I defaulted into the natural setting of pulling off to everyone and everything, despite the fact my rule with energy, is only what is willing to be given up freely without putting the person in danger and or affecting them negatively, and what is given out into the universe.

So I was pulling, and feeding, and someone had a guardian, a guardian who didn’t realize what my power was, or that I didn’t know it was on the wrong setting, in manner of speaking, cut the cord, and told me no. This apparently opened a window that our entity tried to take advantage of. Don’t worry, I have already received an apology, and the angel already dealt with a guilt trip. At this point it’s just a learning experience.

At this point in time I have come into a full set of powers and have evolved and have gone so fair as to speak with spirits and entities every day. In fact, I live with 2. Dave and Carl. Carl is very fond and protective of my wonderful boyfriend, and Carl, came out of his shell a lot since I adopted him. Both of them help feed and strengthen the shield around my home. Especially since I live right next to a river that feed a lot of power, and I live in a very historical area. I can toss a stone and hit camp grounds and battle fields, without exaggerating.  I even regularly communicate with what I affectionately refer to as a bridge troll. The spirit lives under the bridge and is very protective of it’s home. And thankfully it has a sense of humor, as long as I don’t call it a troll to it’s face. It finds it amusing.

But the rest of what has happened in the year since this event, has been a lot of growing and learning, and belong in another post. Thanks for reading.

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