One-year anniversary Weekend Intensive with Christopher Penczak

Celebrating Pagans’ Life One Year Anniversary

To celebrate the one year anniversary of the official Pagans’ Life site launch, Kaliyah and I spent the weekend at a workshop featuring Christopher Penczak. The event was sponsored by Enchanted Meadows.

Enchanted Meadows is a nice shop on Main Street, Slatington, Pennsylvania (USA). About the average size of metaphysical shops, Enchanted Meadows carries books, decorations, ritual materials and much more. The energy in the shop was lovely and we enjoyed being there.

As the host for the weekend workshop, Enchanted Meadows closed the store to hold the classes. Meeting in the middle of the store, each day we sat in a circle and Christopher taught us about The Mighty Dead, Plant Familiars and Elemental Spirits. Along with these topics were guided meditations to help us learn more about the spirits and elements that impact our lives.

In Christopher’s teachings, he helps us understand the intricacies of magick and nature. He explains the histories and minute details that go beyond the basic information so many books and websites tell us.

Although we can’t share with you detailed information that we learned in the class, the class helped us understand and connect with our ancestors, guides and totems. The meditations reaffirmed what Kaliyah and I suspected in some cases while teaching us things we didn’t know.

As reflected in my wand article, I have a strong affinity to Oak. It was no surprise that in each of our guided meditations that had us working with a tree, I envisioned a large, majestic oak tree. It’s trunk so large that it conceals a path into the Earth.

In one of our meditations, we were guided to a room with a flaming column of light. The guidance was to envision beings dancing around the flame column, but when I arrived I was alone. No one was there. Christopher instructed us to ask a question in the meditation. I asked why I was alone instead of seeing the dancing beings. I was met with silence. This silence surprised me and as we were guided out of the meditation I was distracted. Why was I alone and why was there no answer?

Whenever we were in meditation I would become extremely relaxed and I could feel my crown tingling with energy, much like I experience when channeling Reiki energy.

Christopher’s guided meditations were soothing. He plays gentle music in the background and speaks calmly. He sells recordings of many meditations and exercises in his books on his website. We highly recommend them to anyone interested in witchcraft.

After spending time with Christopher on our Salem trip last year and then again with him on this weekend event, we have come to learn how wonderful of a person he is. Christopher is warm and caring, open-minded and insightful.

Now as we read his books, we can hear Christopher’s voice and feel the energy behind his words. We look forward to being able to see him again.

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