Owl in the Oak Wand

Selecting My Magick Wand

A Magick Wand is not required to perform magick, however a wand helps the practitioner in focusing their magick. Some practitioners choose their wand, sometimes the wand chooses them. The story of my wand is an intriguing one and demonstrates how the universe brings fate to reality.

I believe in free will, however there are certain things that the universe, Gods and Goddesses, control to help move life along – not by controlling us but by controlling circumstances that guide us.

Creating a Magick Wand

A wand maker allows nature and the universal energy to drive them in creating each wand as an artful and unique tool for the magick practitioner. This process may occur over great lengths of time; possibly before the practitioner begins looking for a magick wand.

In mid-May 2004, Tarek the Grey was on a nature walk, collecting fallen branches to use for wands, when he came across an owl perched in an oak tree. This oak tree had a lovely, freshly broken branch. Under supervision of the owl, Tarek provided an offering to the oak tree in exchange for the broken branch which he was going to take with him.

When Tarek returned to his workshop with the branches he collected on his nature walk, he noticed an owl up in a nearby tree. It was unusual to see an owl in his hometown, let alone seeing two in the same day.

For two weeks, Tarek the Grey worked on creating wands from the other branches collected that day, but left the oak branch aside; he wasn’t compelled to do anything with it yet except to clean off the bark and round the ends.

Each day the owl returned to the tree near his shop and called out.

A wise old owl sat in an oak. The more he saw, the less he spoke. The less he spoke, the more he heard. Why can’t we be like that wise old bird?
-author unknown

At the next full moon while in his workshop, Tarek had accidentally knocked over a supply of gemstones. A deep green bloodstone sphere had rolled up to the end of the stick with authority. It was then that Tarek noticed an owl showing as discoloration in the wood. Then the owl outside hooted and Tarek the Grey understood this branch was ready to be made into a wand.

After meditating for a few minutes, Tarek grabbed his knife and began carving in the wood, searching for the owl within.

The bloodstone sphere was mounted to the receptive end of the wand with copper and a green rutilated quartz point was embedded into the projecting end. Two brass nails were used to represent the owl’s yellow eyes.

Tarek the Grey finished his story stating “Most wands pick their own destinies in accordance with the needs of their future owner, but very few are as obviously determined as this wand has been.”

Finding a Magick Wand

Tarek the Grey and I had never met or heard of each other when he created the wand described above. He was allowing fate to guide him in its creation.

I was not looking for a wand when I visited the popular shopping web-site and searched for my totem and my birthstone. It was a relatively random thought that perhaps I would find an owl carved in bloodstone.

Upon seeing the title in my search results, I was curious and clicked the link. The product page appeared and as I read the description for the wand, I was intrigued. The circumstances that lead to its creation along with the guidance by my totem; I knew this wand was for me, every detail down to the use of my favorite timber and my birthstone. I set my bid and at the end of the online auction, the wand was on its way to me.

Magickal Properties

The Owl as a totem represents the finding of knowledge that hides in the dark. It symbolizes new vision and indicates you were born very perceptive to unseen things. The owl as a power totem realizes the ability to see into the eyes and souls of others, and into the darkest places with the owls unlimited courage to approach the unknown, perceive it and overcome it. The owl is a very powerful totem indeed.

Green rutilated quartz is an energy stone and associated with three elements – air, fire and earth. It is used in healing, balance, insight and creating positive life patterns. Green is good for attracting prosperity and increasing money. Quartz is a projector and very good for the projection end of the wand.

Bloodstone is associated with the heart chakra, and has been used traditionally for purifying the blood, detoxifying the organs, and to lend courage to those who carry it. This is the Element Jewel for Spirit. Spirit magicks are used in speaking with the dead and crossing into their realm for vanishing and moving great distances in minutes. Its greenish color and round shape make it ideal as the receptive end of the wand.

Copper is one of the best conductors known to man and is an associate of air and is helpful in divination, concentration, visualization and wind magick.

Brass is fire associate and helpful in candle, storm, time and star magick.

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