Pagans' Life Do Vampires Exist?

Do Vampires Exist

Most people think about vampires as the bloodsucking monsters portrayed in horror films. Some modern fantasy flicks have presented vampires in a more elegant fashion. With Hollywood’s influence, many people wonder if vampires exist.

My first experience with a vampire was nearly twenty years ago. At that point in my life, I didn’t realize vampires exist. I was working part time for a limousine service. I was on my way to pick-up a client for an airport run. As I was passing a convenience store, I contemplated stopping for some coffee, but I decided I didn’t need it and I didn’t want to be late.

It was about a 60-mile drive to the airport from the client’s house. About half-way to the airport, I started feeling very tired. I’ve done this drive a hundred times and never felt this exhausted. The scariest part was when I was about ten miles from the airport on a busy highway. My hands sliding down the steering wheel and hitting the cross bar startled me, as if I fell asleep and was startled awake.

From that moment, a struggled to remain alert. I turned up the air conditioning and used my tongue to tickle the top of my mouth, while contemplating where I can pull off the road for a short nap after dropping the client at the airport. Those last few miles were brutal, but I got them to the airport safely.

As I was pulling away from the airport, alone in the car, my energy picked back up to normal and I was no longer sleepy. I didn’t have to pull over, but instead drove back to the shop to return the car. The owner of the business was there. I told them about the experience. I did not get the reaction I expected. They apologized to me for not warning me about that client. The client is a known energy vampire. The primary driver for that client normally stops for coffee at that convenience store I mentioned earlier in this story. The coffee somehow works as an energy barrier to protect the driver. Instead of drawing energy from the driver, the person draws it from the cup of coffee.

I can’t say for certain if bloodsucking vampires exist, but I have personally experienced an energy vampire and can attest that they do exist. My understanding about this experience is that the person does not know they are taking energy from other people.

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