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Term or PhraseDefinition/Meaning
auraEnergy radiating off of persons, animals or other objects. Invisible to most viewers, this energy field can be seen by skilled practitioners.
besomWitch's broom, used for magickal practices. [Not necessarily a conveyance.]
CatholicA member of a religious community based on worship of the Christian deity.
CatholicismThe religious practice and beliefs of Catholic individuals and community, especially Roman Catholic.
censerContainer used for burning incense or other materials for generating smoke.
chakraLocated along the body, these points of spiritual power are tied to specific physical and physiological traits.
ClairaudienceThe ability to hear sounds and speech from spirits.
ClairknowledgeThe ability to instantly know information transferred from the spiritual realm, without use hearing or sight.
ClairsentienceThe ability to sense energy of other people, spirits and objects.
ClairvoyanceThe ability to receive psychic/spirit information visually
deitySupreme Being or divine character such as God or Goddess.
déjà vuFrench term meaning "Already Seen", the feeling of having experienced the current event at some time in the past.
devilTypically used synonymous to demon or Satan.
divinationthe art of gaining insight by way of ritual or medium, sometimes using specialized tools like tarot cards or a pendulum, for example.
elementsMagickally speaking, the principals of air, earth, fire, water and spirit.
empathicThe ability to sense or feel the emotions of other people.
healing crystalPrecious or semi-precious gemstone, typically in natural form, used to help with spiritual and emotional energy as well as some physical symptoms.
herbA non-woody plant that is commonly used for its aromatic, flavor or medicinal properties.
intuitionThe natural capability to have insight without proof or experience; sometimes called a "gut feeling".
irradiateApplying radiation, heat or light to an object, often crystals, to change its properties such as appearance.
magickAlternate spelling of magic often used in Wicca practice.
meditationthe act of deep thought or spiritual contemplation, sometimes coupled with distraction clearing exercises.
PaganA member of a religious community based on worship of the earth. Also known as neopagan.
PaganismThe religious practice and beliefs of Pagan individuals and community.
pendulumA single-point suspended body, typically crystal or other natural object, that is allowed to move freely under the influence of other forces.
pentacleA pentagram enclosed within a circle touching each of the legs, usually at the endpoints.
pentagramA five-point star shape created by extending the sides of a pentagon until they meet.
precognitionThe ability to "see" or know future events.
premonitionSeeing into the future, similar to precognition. Sometimes used to describe seeing the past.
ReikiDeveloped by Mikao Usui, this method of energy healing is sometimes joined with massage and chakra therapy.
rosaryString of beads used in prayer for Catholicism, usually in a loop of 55 beads starting and ending at the same point containing a hanging feature of up to 5 beads and a cross.
SabbatOne of eight Pagan celebrations observing the changes of season. (Samhain, Yule, Imbolc/Candlemas, Ostara, Beltane, Litha/Midsummer, Lammas, Mabon)
SatanBroadly speaking, a mythical being at the root of evil or dark nature of many spiritual journeys.
sentientbeing of conscious mind.
smudgingThe act of burning, usually smoldering, herbs for the purpose of generating smoke.
tarotDivination tool, being a deck of 78 cards divided into 22 named cards (major arcana) and four suits of 14 cards (minor arcana).
theologystudy of religion and divinity.
wandUsually long and narrow, this tool is used to direct the magician's energy.
WiccaA modern version of ancient (and modern) nature or Earth-based religion practicing ritual magick, commonly referred to as witchcraft, incorporating the God and Goddess.
WiccanA member or practitioner of Wicca; or objects related to Wicca.
As a title, often interchangeable with Witch or Pagan.

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