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An Owl’s Premonition

As Kaliyah and I continued our journey, we learned many new things about symbolism and magick, including learning about spirit guides and totems.

It didn’t take much time to realize what my totem was; my affinity and visions over the years came into focus. I have always seen beautiful, large white wings in my presence, like the presence of a guardian angel. Those wings, turns out, belonged to my totem – the Snowy Owl.

The snowy owl is a strong, majestic bird dedicated to its mate and offspring. The owl is a messenger and keeper of wisdom.

I support my family working as a server engineer with a primary focus on e-mail and security. I have more than 20 years professional experience in technology and people come to me for guidance and assistance regularly.

Frequently I experience what I believe are sub-conscious premonitions where I automatically act without realizing I had the premonition; sometimes preventing an accident or simply being prepared for a task. Some would consider it intuition, a gut feeling or instinct, but I believe it is something more.

I prepared for a disaster and called in sick.

The most significant occurrence of this sub-conscious premonition behavior was with the 9/11 attacks. The workday prior I spent a significant amount of time getting ready for a disaster at the office. I made sure all of our backups were good and I took home a copy of every server operating system and application disc so that I had, off-site, the tools I needed to rebuild our servers. The next morning I called in “sick” and went back to sleep. Kaliyah woke me up a couple of hours later telling me about the terrorist attacks that had occurred.

Ultimately my job was not impacted by the terrible events that took place that day. My servers and office are nowhere near New York City, but my company did have offices in the World Trade Center.

As I reflected in my precognition article, I haven’t mastered the ability to see into the future, but over time I have learned to trust these “owl moments” – when my spirit guide whispers into my sub-conscious ear.

I cannot force a premonition, I simply have to trust when it happens.

Daily, I exercise this ability by not trying to predict an outcome, but instead trust the outcome will happen. It seems that my consciousness gets in the way when I try to achieve foresight.

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