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Meditation and Chakras


Meditation is the quieting of the mind and finding a center, a balance. It is a place of deep thought and concentration. A moment in which we find peace and serenity, just for a little while. It can be the balancing of the Chakras, and can lower blood pressure. Meditation balances out the emotions.

And perhaps, I may not seem the person to be talking about meditation, with the way my mind is a clutter, and with the colliding of emotions and thoughts as it goes. And an energy that doesn’t stop moving.  I cannot sit still, in fact the only way I am still is when I am leaning against something. I can never quiet my mind, with my ADD I can never not be distracted from something or thinking of multiple things at once. The moment I clear my mind of one thought something slides right into its place. Until I meditate that is. However meditation isn’t easy for me with the amount of activity in my mind.

Guided Meditation is my favorite manner in which to meditate. I find there is so much to observe in meditation. I also find it the easier way to meditate.

The thing with guided meditations, is they are just that. A guide. While they may say to drift down into the forest after flying through the sky, you may instead find yourself in the bottom of the ocean having tea with an old mermaid healer instead of an ancient monk. Instead of the desert you may find yourself in the mountains surrounded by snow. Instead of dancing in the clouds, you may find yourself laying on the moon, gazing at the stars. You may even find yourself with wings. You may feel those wings, and feel them flutter.

The first time I went to a guided meditation, I watched the snow fall on a beautiful mountain view, with beautiful baby blue wings with a silver radiance. I used them to fly up to the moon where I laid down on it like I would my balance ball. and I gazed at the stars and then viewed the beauty of the earth, before drifting back down into the ocean where I sat at a coral table, surrounded by coral reefs and fish of every color and had tea with an old mermaid healer before slowly coming back to my human body to view my chakras and watched them open into beautiful roses, though never in the color I was told to see them in.


Root Chakra
Pagans' Life Chakras

The root chakra, also known as Muladhara,  is at the base of the spine. It is the root of your being, the link to the deepest connections with your physical body, your environment and with the Earth. This Chakra is where your survival instincts are housed.

The Color is red. And It’s element is Earth.  It is Survival.

Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, also known as Svadhisthana, is in the pelvic area beneath the navel in the abdomen. This Chakra is about pleasure. It is the center of  pleasure, sensuality, and intimacy.

The color is orange. And it’s element is water. It is feeling and Creativity.

Solar Plexus Chakra

The Solar Plexus Chakra, also known as Manipura, is located between the navel and solar plexus. This Chakra is essentially the core of our personality, our identity. This is where we possess our willpower, our personal power, our confidence, and responsibility. This where our sense of humor comes in, our ego.

The color is yellow. And it’s element is fire. It is confidence and power.

Heart Chakra

The heart chakra, also known as Anahata, is located by the heart. This Chakra is the chakra of love, warmth, compassion, and joy. It links you to other human beings.

It’s color is green. And It’s element is fire. It is love and compassion.

Throat Chakra

The throat chakra, also known as Visuddha, is in the throat. This chakra is the first of the spiritual chakras. This chakra allows you to express your authentic voice and speak your truth.

It’s color is blue. It’s Element is Akasha. It is Communication.

And the only chakra I have ever seen in its proper color.

Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra, also known as Ajna, is in the brain, over the nose just above the brow.  This chakra allows you see both the inner and outer world. Our imagination, wisdom, and the ability to think all revolve around this chakra.

It’s color is indigo. It belongs to all the elements, often viewed as light. It is wisdom and imagination.

Crown Chakra

The crown Chakra, also known as Sahasrara, is at the crown of the head. This Chakra allows you to truly connect with nature and the rest of the world.  That connects you to the world of magick and spirituality. With this Chakra you can achieve true bliss.

It’s color is violet. There is no element for this chakra. This Chakra is spirituality and transcendence.


Now as I mentioned earlier, whenever going through my chakras, my colors are wrong. The heart chakra for example, I always see as red, and it always seems to be on fire, I presume for the passions that burn inside my heart. Which perhaps is interesting to me seeing as my root chakra, is always green.

In my favorite guided meditations, by one of the local crystal shop’s associates, a Reiki master, she always tells us to watch our chakras spin, looking like a beautiful diamond, and as it spins it opens like a flower. Each chakra is a different flower, and they are not all Diamonds. The heart chakra is, go figure a heart. And it opens into a beautiful rose. And my throat chakra is a water-lily.

I in one such mediation picked each Chakra up in their flower form and breathed their fragrance in deeply, before turning and offering them up to a handsome man, who like me was naked and transparent in an orange and golden glow that somehow concealed everything. I said nothing as I offered them to him, one at a time as we were guided through each of the Chakras. Each time he took it from me, smelled it, told me in some form that it was beautiful or perfect, and offered it back to me where I placed it back where it belonged.  It was at my throat Chakra that I finally spoke.

I believed that he was Apollo. The Greek god of the sun, whom I had recently begun to wonder if he was the god who spoke to me, as his sister Artemis called to me as my Goddess, as Diana, Roman Goddess of the moon whispered to me as a secondary goddess. I looked him into his beautiful eyes, i do believe they were blue, and flat-out asked him, “You are not my god are you?”

Believe it or not, he laughed softly at me, in a kind manner and shook his head “no”. I looked him in the eye and asked if he could be referred to as my god in my prayers until I figured out who the god who spoke to me is. In reflection, I realize he never answered me. Which may have added support to my friend’s theory.

That beautiful man, has appeared in my meditations multiple times. The first time I ever saw him, while everyone else was playing in a desert, looking up at the stars, I was in a meadow of tall grass and flowers, watching as two beautiful women I somehow identified as Artemis and Diana coming from the other side of the meadow out of the forest. And in the middle of the meadow, his back to me, was this beautiful man. Gorgeous brown hair. He turned to me and smiled, and gestured me forward. The two goddesses looked at me fondly before allowing me to grow my wings, the wings I could feel fluttering in my back, a story I will share with you later, and taking off to the moon with them. I firmly believed this man was Apollo.

However, my good friend, Mouse, he calls himself a Rat but I tell him he is too cute for that, no matter how good he is at sniffing things out, enjoyed doing angel readings. He had a different belief, that in hindsight I believe to be true. He enjoyed to doing angel readings for his friends. He would focus on them before finding the cards that spoke to him. And then when he did one for me in person when he heard of my interesting Tarot skills (more on that in a different post.) and asked if I would be willing to do one for him. There was one card that was constant through my readings, in person and the ones he did, just to make sure everyone was okay. Arch angel Micheal, the protector.

According to the reading something huge was going to change for me, and I needed to honestly think and tread lightly with the changes I made in my life, and starting something new was definitely not something I wanted to do, and that I would need help and protection.

When I looked at the picture of the angel on the card, I looked at him, and explained the visions I had been having during my mediation. He believed, quite firmly, that the man I was seeing was not in fact Apollo has I had believed, but in fact, Micheal.

In hindsight, seeing as the angel reading came true completely within a year, well, a few months if I am truly honest of when the change started.  I ended up needing that protection, and ended up being guided to someone who did everything he could to protect me, being guided to be in a place to reach out to people who somehow themselves were guided back into my life to protect me.

But alas, that in itself is another, perhaps one I may share with you one day, but alas, that journey in itself, was not very magickal, in fact, I shut down magickally during that part of the journey until I started to put my life back together.

But at this time, I call this story a wrap, for the day.

If you would like to read more on these Chakras, I recommend reading from Chakra Anatomy where I did quite a bite of my research of Chakras, perhaps do a search online. There are plenty of sources to choose from, heaven knows I used quite a few of them when I started reading.

If you chose to find a meditation on the internet, I recommend looking a few up on YouTube. Each individual who mediates will have different preferences for mediation. So while I could recommend mediation guides, does not mean they would be a fit for you. So I just recommend a search, and experiment.

Blessed Be!

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