Suggest a Pagan Event

Are you organizing an event or know of an upcoming event that should be included in our list of events? Submit the event here and we will check into it. If the event meets our standards, we will add it to the list.

This event list is not intended to cover every class, ritual or small store-oriented event. Qualifying Events will meet at least three of the following conditions:

  • Celebrates a Sabbat
  • At least four hours long
  • Includes a multi-vendor/artisan market place
  • Features a renowned magickal author or performer
  • Offers at least two classes
  • Has multiple readers, mediums or other magickal guides
  • Accommodates a minimum of 20 people, not including event staff or vendors
  • Any other factor not listed here, but otherwise deemed qualifying by us

Your email address is required to submit the event information. Your email address is kept private and only used by us to follow-up with you if necessary.