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Recognizing Precognition

A year after my family moved to Pennsylvania – I guess I was about 15 years old – I started experiencing a lot of déjà vu type moments. It wasn’t every day, but it was frequent enough that I noticed it was happening.

Science dismisses déjà vu as being a neurological anomaly or trick of the mind. Typically déjà vu is experienced after the moment has passed, when the mind thinks that it has been there before.

In my case things were different. I would experience the phenomenon knowing what would happen next. I didn’t know anything about precognition; this experience was simply “weird” to me.

Several months later I had a dream about an experience with a girl I was sort of seeing. In the dream, during a break between classes at school she came to me at my locker and started yelling at me, telling me “where to go”. The next day, that moment occurred in real life.

More than déjà vu – I dreamt it and then it happened.

I had hoped to develop a serious relationship with her and I was upset about the turn of events, but I was also disturbed by the fact that I dreamt about it the night before. All of those events of déjà vu leading to that moment. Perhaps I dreamt about those moments too.

At that point in my life I frequently attended the youth group at a nearby Presbyterian Church with friends. Looking for guidance on my experiences, I spoke with the youth pastor and explained what was happening. He mostly downplayed the experiences and managed to spin things into a lecture about God.

Not having any luck with the pastor, I went to talk to my school counselor. He had been a monk at some point prior to coming to our school. I believe his own spiritual experiences helped our conversation as he kept an open mind.

My counselor’s interest and support extended into discussing various symptoms of the dreams, if they were in color or black and white for example. He gave me pointers on how to “program” my dreams and tell myself when it is okay to dream about the future or something else. He genuinely wanted to see me develop this gift and set my mind at ease.

I visited with him a few more times over the following months, but our sessions ended with the school year. That summer I did some research on precognition and learned a little more about the ability to see into the future, but my research was limited to what could be found in the public library – which wasn’t much. If only the internet existed in our homes back then.

It has taken me several years and loads of research to understand more about precognition, but I haven’t found a source for the “aha!” moment when I will realize how to master the gift. I can clearly tell that my sub-conscious is much more in touch with the gift. When I try to use the gift I fail, but when I trust my intuition and not analyze it I do much better.

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