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Launch of Pagans’ Life

This is the official launch of the Pagans’ Life web-site, Facebook page and Twitter page. Here we, Delphineous and Kaliyah Silverwing, will provide information about our journey through life as a struggling catholic that found home in Wicca and Paganism.

Wicca is one of many earth-based religions that make up Paganism. Although we follow a Wiccan path, so many of the principles given are similar between each of the earth paths; therefore we have prepared this site to cover the broader path of the Pagan practitioner.

Our logo was designed by us to represent our journey into Wicca. The points of the pentagram represent each of the five elements spirit, water, fire, earth and air. The silver ring connecting the endpoints to complete the pentacle.

A rosary rests over the right point of the pentacle representing our history/upbringing while a broomstick, used in our journey, rests against the left point.

“From Rosaries to Broomsticks” is the story of our journey. Over time we will post excerpts from our life as we traveled the journey.

We hope that our visitors will learn and appreciate the information we provide. Comments are welcome and questions will be answered either inline with the commentary section or within the article. Sign-up for update notifications.

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